Seriously (by Chubby Money Comedy)

Have you every been imitated or rendered in a story in a way that is totally inaccurate and unfavorable. If you have, you would totally simpathise with Natalie. Watch as Rohit and Katherine imitate her to her breaking point.

How to settle a disagreement on the Last Slice of Pizza. (by Chubby Money Comedy)

Many battles have started over the last slice and in this scenario there will only be one winner. Two people fight to the death for the last slice of pizza. # sorry for your loss. # last slice # death match # there will be blood # finish him #mortal Kombat

@pslices bringing you a slice of life one slice at a time at Rios Pizza in Santa Fe Springs. Slicing and driving. This is a slice im familiar comimg from Boston. #greekstyle The right amount of cheesy. #cheesyho #watchyoureyes #tastey #hiddenjem parents would barely enjoy the crunch but I love the crispy airy crust. 6 out of 7 slices

@pslices bringing you a slice of life one slice at a time at Taste Chicago in Burbank. This has to be the second most cheesiest pizza ive ever had. #drowningincheese #greatchicagotaste these are some heavy duty slices. #youwontleavehungry #tastethecheese there is slight chunky tomato essense. #sicilian 5 out of 7 slices. #donttellmydoctor #parents wouldn’t notice the crunch with all the cheese. (at Taste Chicago)

Pslices bringing you a slice of life on slice at a time from Joes Pizza Hollywood. #birthdayedition This is easily top 2 slices in LA. #nystyle #grandma #crushedtomatoes #basil #mozzerellachunks this pizza has so much deliciousness going on it leaves your mouth craving for more, at least my mouth. #bestinLA My parents wouldnt fimd the crunch here. (at Joe’s Pizza)

Pslices bringing you a slice of life one slice at a time from Crispy Crust Pizza in Hollywood. #delivery I didnt have high expectations but the pizza’s (yea 2 of em) looked good presentation wise but lacked originality and caring. Highlights #jalabenos whooooo not to spicy but tastey. Name is not same as crust. #digornos would do the same trick. Crispy crust but my parents would ask wheres the crunch? 3 out of 7 slices. (at Crispy Crust)

Pslices brining you a slice of life one slice at a time at Zacharys Pizza in Berkely. Had to come back here and try the #deepdish went with the wheat crust and let me tell you, it was remarkable. They call it a pie for a reason. #crushedtomatoes #flavorexplosion #perfectpie #notgreasy #lightcrispcrust my parents wouldnt understand my obsession with the deep dish no crunch. 7 out of 7 slices!

Pslices bring you a slice of life one slice at a time @pieology in Northridge. This was some tastey pizza. I went with the red and garlic sauce. #indianstyle with onion, peppers and jalabenos. Wasnt a crispy crust but seasoned very well. Parents wouldn’t notice the crunch but would enjoy the toppings 5 out of 7 slices. (at Pieology) Repo Men - Retention Squad Episode 2 (by Chubby Money Productions) Repo Men help protect the integrity of online dating cause they’re is a lot of lying on the internet. Agents Stewart and Emanuel have been pursuing Ms. Shane Johnson as she is looking to cancel her account and switch to the competition Eharmony. They catch her as she is ready to cancel the account and save the day.

Pslices giving you a slice of life one slice at a time. @blondiespizza in San Francisco. 1 out of 7 slices. #dreadedblackandwhite #fail #notaste #notevenhot #disgrace #6cheesestomany, parents. Would have said what crunch?

Slice of Life @twobootspizza 7 out of 7 slices. #greatcornmealcrust #sliceheaven #greatvariety #flavorexplosions #onehanded #crispy #deliciousdough #bestslice #grandma

Pslices giving you a slice of life one slice at at time @zachary’s in San Ramon, CA - 6 out of 7 slices #crispy #juicytomatoes #cheesepizza #greattaste, my parents would love the crunch (at Zachary’s Chicago Pizza)

And just like ancient Rome all blood stained, wine soaked, follicle littered roads lead to this…

The season 1 finale of “The Struggle” rightfully called The Break up. Watch as these modern gods (Jim Rhodes and Rohit Sharma) duke it out as they answer life’s most challenging quandry….

Did you pick up my headshots?

Robots may not be a bad idea

My friend Jim and I are currently in the process of shooting a web series, The Struggle, and we are constantly looking for crew to help us shoot. We are doing this project for no pay. Yea that sucks, no body likes to work when they get paid, why the fuck would they want to do anything for free.
This is why we need robots.
They don’t have any other obligations than to do work.
They don’t have to go outside and enjoy a sunny day,
They just fucking work;
they don’t have to go on a date on Saturday night,
They just fucking work;
You don’t even need to feed em, cause they just fucking work.
So if you can help me reach my dreams of bringing the story of two struggling 30 somethings to life, please for fucks sake send me some robots that can help us shoot this fucking web series.